Are Salukis Good with Kids? A Guide for Parents

One of the first things families with kids should know about when they get dogs is whether they do well around kids. After all, you are going to have your kids bond with your dog for a long time. In that regard, while the Saluki does indeed look friendly and regal, you might be wondering if it is the kind of breed you should have around kids. Are Salukis good for kids?

Salukis are generally gentle with children because these are dogs that are well-behaved and generally good-natured. However, if you are looking for a dog that will love to play around kids and is usually tolerable of how rough kids can get when playing, the Saluki probably isn’t the dog you are looking for.

As gentle as the Saluki is towards adults and children alike, you should know that this isn’t the most energetic breed when it comes to playtime. Salukis do love running and moving, but they are not the most playful pet dogs to have. So, in that regard, while they are good for kids, Salukis are not the best in terms of whether or not your kids are going to have fun with them. Now, let’s get to know more about Salukis.

Are Salukis Good With Kids?

Families planning on getting pets and having children or are planning on having children soon will probably always think about their kids whenever they think of the best pet dogs. After all, a dog usually hangs out a lot around the entire family, including the children. In that case, you would need a dog breed that is friendly towards adults and good with kids.

When you look at the Saluki, this is a historically gentle dog and good-natured towards adults because of how it was bred to be a hunting companion that even slept in the tents of ancient Arabs even though the dog is considered a dirty animal in their religion. That goes to show how friendly and kind the Saluki is towards its owner or family. However, is that the same when it comes to children? Are Salukis just as good to kids as they are to adults?

This is a legitimate question regarding any dog breed and not just the Saluki because some breeds tend to act differently towards children because of how kids are smaller and generally quite hyperactive in how they behave. Some dog breeds may be kind towards adults but are not usually tolerant of kids for various reasons.

However, you will be happy to know that the Saluki is indeed a child-friendly dog that you can have around your kids. You shouldn’t worry about having a Saluki as a family pet if you have children because you can be sure that this breed is just as gentle towards adults as it is towards kids.

Why are Salukis Good With Kids?

Now that we have established that Salukis are good dogs to have around kids, we are now going to talk more about why this dog breed is a child-friendly pet that you can be sure will be safe around your children.

They are gentle and regal dogs

You should know about the Saluki because this has always been regarded as a regal or noble dog ever since the Ancient Egyptian days. It was one of the few dogs that were kept by royalty due to its seemingly regal nature. And even at the time when ancient Arabs used the Saluki as hunting dogs, they were also regarded as “divine” and were even kept in their tents.

That said, due to their upbringing around humans, Salukis have grown to become quite gentle dogs. They are generally good-natured around humans and will not do anything surprisingly out of their peaceful nature. In most cases, Salukis will love to sit beside their human companions without doing anything. This makes them good pets for kids because you will be sure that they will be as gentle towards your children as they are to you.

They are friendly

Even though the Saluki may come off as aloof because of the very fact that this is a dog that doesn’t seem to like being around strangers, they are actually quite friendly towards people they know. Salukis are pack dogs that hunt together with a pack back when they were utilized as sight hunters. Because of that, they generally treat their human family as a part of their pack. Of course, this includes the children, who the Salukis are friendly towards due to how they have gotten used to them as members of their pack.

They are not aggressive towards people

The Saluki has been around human companions for thousands and thousands of years already that it has gotten used to being close to people. Salukis are better off when they are around people because they have always been hunting companions back in ancient days, thousands of years ago.

In that regard, the Saluki is generally not aggressive towards people due to how it has gotten used to them. They are not the friendliest dogs when it comes to strangers, but they are not aggressive. If they are not aggressive towards strangers, the chances of becoming aggressive towards children are even slimmer.

They are generally tolerable

Salukis are also quite tolerable when it comes to children who want to play with them. Younger Salukis tend to be quite active, while older Salukis are usually well-behaved. Regardless of that, you can be sure that your Saluki will tolerate your kids when the children are playing around with the dog as long as they don’t get too rough with it.

They are energetic

Even though the Saluki may look like a dog that doesn’t like doing many things due to its regal appearance and demeanor, this is a dog breed that is quite athletic and energetic due to its history as a sight hunter in the deserts of the Middle East.

That means that the Saluki is a dog with boundless energy reserves. So, if your kids try to play with it and find a way to convince the dog to play with them, your Saluki will rarely tire out when doing certain activities with the children. 

Can Your Child Play With a Saluki?

Now that we have gotten past the point where we have talked about whether or not Salukis are good for kids and why they are actually good pets to have around children, we should point out that they can also be good around kids playful. 

When they are young, Salukis are just like any other dog breed because they love having fun and playing around. This makes a young Saluki good for children that love to play because they can play together by running around outdoors or doing child-friendly activities that your Saluki will also love.

Meanwhile, older Salukis are generally behaved and quite aloof to the point that they prefer to lounge around the house. However, your kids can still play with an older Saluki, especially when doing outdoor activities that will allow the dog to stay active. Still, do not expect an older Saluki to have the same enthusiasm as a younger one, even though Salukis are pretty energetic dogs. Older Salukis still prefer running to playing, so they are perfect for kids that love outdoor activities that involve running.

When Shouldn’t Kids Try to Play With a Saluki?

So, at this point, you already know that Salukis are good with kids and are dog breeds that your kids can play with. However, a Saluki’s playfulness isn’t absolute because this dog isn’t even a very playful breed, to begin with. That means that there should be moments where your kids shouldn’t play with a Saluki.

When the Saluki starts showing signs that it doesn’t like playing or likes to be left alone, you should immediately separate your kids from it. Salukis are generally gentle dogs that are seldom aggressive towards people. However, any dog breed has its limits when it comes to tolerance. And the Saluki can also have its reasons for not wanting to play.

A Saluki that is in pain or is nursing an injury or an illness should never play with children. That’s because any signs of discomfort and pain may make it act aggressively towards your kids. Any animal will quickly act aggressively whenever it is in pain or not in the best mood due to an illness or an injury.

Of course, because Salukis are very independent dogs that don’t like getting ordered around, you shouldn’t try to make your kids force the Saluki to want to play with them. If a Saluki wants to sit around doing nothing, you should tell your children to leave it alone. Salukis are generally challenging to train because they are not the most obedient breeds. So, if a Saluki doesn’t want to play, don’t play with it, or else it might show an aggressive side when it is forced to do something it doesn’t want to do.

Can Salukis Get Aggressive Towards Kids?

As friendly as the Saluki might be, there will be instances where one can get aggressive towards kids or even adults, for that matter. It all boils down to certain circumstances that may lead it to develop an aggressive side.

First off, a Saluki that is in pain is like any dog or animal in the sense that it may end up showing an aggressive side as a way of preserving itself. Suppose a Saluki doesn’t trust your kids while in pain; it will most certainly show its aggressive side. Keep it away from them if the dog is injured or is ill, or else there might be a chance that your Saluki will attack your children in self-defense.

Another reason why a Saluki may end up becoming aggressive towards kids is when the kids are becoming too rough around it. Salukis may be energetic, but older dogs generally don’t enjoy rough play. As such, if your kids are too wild around the dog, there might be a chance that the Saluki will show an aggressive side towards them.

And lastly, a Saluki that is yet to trust the family will show an aggressive side. This is common for Salukis that have been adopted. Of course, it is far more common if the Saluki has experienced a traumatic experience in the past, such as getting abandoned or even getting abused by its former owner. That means that you should first establish trust between you and the dog whenever you bring home an adopted Saluki so that it will begin to trust you and, later on, your kids.

Your Saluki and Your Kids

Salukis are great family dogs for those who have children because they act well-behaved around the entire family. Bringing home a young Saluki can be great for your kids because these dogs can be bundles of energy when they are still young. 

And even if you do have an older Saluki, you will be happy to know that this dog will still be as gentle to your children as it is to you as long as there is no rough play involved. That’s why any family would be happy to have Saluki as a companion.

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