Are Salukis Hypoallergenic? Tips for People With Allergies

Saluki standing in the grass.

Owning a dog is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. However, not everyone will do well around dogs especially if one or more family members are allergic to dog hair. Because of this, short-haired dogs such as the Saluki might come into mind if you are looking for a dog that can be good for someone who has allergies. But are Salukis actually hypoallergenic?

Salukis are not hypoallergenic dogs but they are still safe for those who have dog allergies. However, their hair is relatively thinner compared to other dogs and may be less likely to trigger your allergies.

There are no dog breeds that could be considered truly hypoallergenic because, after all, these dogs do have hair. However, there are dogs that are hypoallergenic in the sense that they are less likely to trigger allergies.

What does it mean if a dog is hypoallergenic?

First, we need to understand what it means if a dog is hypoallergenic. After all, you won’t be able to truly understand what constitutes a hypoallergenic dog if you don’t know what the term means when it is used in relation to dogs.

So, when we say that someone is allergic to dogs, we are referring to how a person’s allergies are triggered when they breathe or get into close contact with dog hair. Specifically, what we are talking about here is that a person is allergic to the dog’s hair and not to the dog itself.


The reason why a dog’s hair carries a lot of allergens is due to how it contains the dog’s saliva and dander, which are what cause allergic reactions in people. As such, dog hair is the medium that carries the allergens that are found in the dog’s saliva and dander. The more the dog sheds, the more likely it will cause allergies to a person who is allergic to dogs.

When we say that a dog is hypoallergenic, it’s not the same as using the term when referring to other things that are hypoallergenic. That’s because there are no dogs, of any breed, that are completely going to cause zero allergens for those who are allergic to dogs. After all, the allergens are found in the dog’s hair, which all dogs have. So, a hypoallergenic dog doesn’t mean a dog that will never trigger your allergies but rather refers to a dog that is less likely to trigger allergies.

There are many reasons why a dog may be considered hypoallergenic. One reason is that they are less likely to have skin shedding, which is what is responsible for dander to stick onto their hair. Another reason why some dogs are hypoallergenic is that their saliva is less likely to trigger a person’s allergies.

In some cases, dogs that may not be considered hypoallergenic breeds can still be safe to own by those who suffer from dog allergies. The reason is that these breeds may not have the thickest fur and are less likely going to shed their hair. So, the chances of someone having their allergies triggered decreases when a dog is less likely to shed.

Are Salukis good for people with allergies?

As I mentioned earlier, there are certain dogs that are actually labeled as hypoallergenic breeds for different reasons that make them less likely to trigger a person’s allergies. However, the Saluki is not considered one of those hypoallergenic breeds.

But, just because a dog is not a hypoallergenic breed doesn’t necessarily mean that the dog will cause problems for those who are prone to allergies. This means that while a Saluki may not be hypoallergenic but can still be good for prospective dog owners who suffer from dog allergies. Because it has short hair and a coat that isn’t too thick.

This can be traced back to how the Saluki was historically bred and raised in the deserts of the Middle East, which can be quite hot. As such, the Saluki kept its hair short and its fur thin so that it won’t end up overheating in the desert sun.

saluki dog running outside.

Another reason why the Saluki may still be a good dog for you, even if you have allergies, is because they don’t shed very much as compared to other dog breeds. Salukis are not known for shedding their hair because, as thin as their hair might be, they still need it for insulation due to how these are dogs that are lean and are not prone to holding onto fat.

So, because a Saluki doesn’t shed a lot, has short hair, and is generally considered clean the chances of having your allergies triggered are very low, almost as if you had an actual hypoallergenic dog. Although not hypoallergenic, this makes the Saluki a great choice for those who are looking for dogs that won’t bother their allergies.

Things to watch out for when you have dog allergies

Even though the Saluki is less likely to trigger your allergies despite the fact that it is not considered hypoallergenic, there are still things you need to watch out for regarding this breed so that you can minimize your chances of suffering from your allergies:

Salukis love to get on beds and furniture. That said, giving the Saluki its own bed should be a priority for you because it gives them a place to lay while keeping them off your own bed.

A Saluki is an active dog that needs frequent exercise. This could be a problem for those suffering from dog allergies because, when you give your Saluki the exercise it needs, such as running or playing with it outdoors, it could carry allergens that can mix in with the allergens in its hair. This means your chances of suffering from all sorts of different allergies will increase if you frequently spend time outdoors with your dog.

Always consult your doctor first before you decide to bring home a Saluki or any other dog, for that matter. That’s because there are some people who might be allergic to dogs but the effects of the allergies tend to be minimal and bearable. Meanwhile, there are those who are more likely to experience serious symptoms when their allergies are triggered. So, in that case, always see a doctor first to get their opinion on the matter.

portrait of a saluki

Salukis need to be groomed well enough so that you can reduce the chances of getting hair all over the house. The good news is that Salukis are generally low-maintenance dogs that don’t require constant grooming. You can just simply brush your Saluki’s fur whenever you notice loose hairs on it. This will greatly reduce the chances of triggering your allergies and decrease the amount your dog sheds.

Is a shaved Saluki more hypoallergenic?

Is there any truth to the idea that shaving your dog will make it more hypoallergenic?

No, shaving your Saluki will not make it more hypoallergenic or less likely to trigger allergies. That’s because the Saluki doesn’t shed its hair frequently, to begin with.

Also, by shaving your Saluki, you are only going to make it more difficult for it to keep itself warm whenever the temperatures drop. Salukis are already pretty lean as it is. That means that they need whatever hair they have on their bodies to keep themselves warm.

Salukis may not be hypoallergenic dogs but they are less likely to trigger allergies as compared to other dogs that are not hypoallergenic. As such, if you are looking for a dog that can be safe for you in case you do have dog allergies, a Saluki can be a great fit. Just keep in mind that you should also do your part as well by keeping it clean and well-groomed so that you will be able to minimize the chances of your allergies getting triggered.

People Also Ask:

Do Salukis shed?

Salukis do shed, but generally speaking, they shed much less than most other dog breeds. The reason they shed less than other breeds is that they have a short, smooth coat that is relatively thin.

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