Can Borzoi Swim?

borzoi jumping in water

Borzois are tall and beautiful purebred dogs. You can trace their origins from Russia, where they are also known as Russian Hunting Sighthounds. They are great indoor dogs and are affectionate and loyal to family members. If you are wondering if a Borzoi can swim, then read on.

Borzois can swim. However, compared to other breeds, they don’t like swimming that much. For this reason, you need to go easy on them when it comes to water activities. Luckily, a few of them enjoy playing in the water.  

If you have a Borzoi, take time to learn its characters and behaviors, together with its likes and dislikes. If it takes to the water, go ahead and teach it how to swim. If you notice that it doesn’t like water, then go easy on the water activities.

Borzois and Swimming

As mentioned earlier, Borzois have the innate ability to swim. Nevertheless, even if your dog likes water, you still have to train it to swim properly.

You have to understand that Borzois were initially bred for hunting. This means that they are naturally inclined to chase things rather than spend time leisurely swimming. The Borzoi breed is built for endurance and speed and can cover an impressive distance in a short time.

That said, Borzois responds reasonably well to guidance and clear communication, making them quick learners when it comes to learning new skills. Don’t forget that Borzois are hunting dogs during training, so that it may be hard at first. Additionally, Borzois can be stubborn and may want to give up on the activity.

Supplies You Will Need To Teach Your Borzoi How To Swim

As is with all dogs, Borzois will need some special equipment to learn how to swim. This ensures safety for both you and your dog. 

Here are a few items you will need to train your Borzoi successfully.

  1. Life Jacket

A life jacket is essential when training your Borzoi how to swim. Contrary to popular belief, lifejackets are not just meant for humans. When a dog learns how to swim, it may get scared or exhausted sooner than you think. They must wear a life jacket for their safety.

Your dog may be hesitant to get into the water at first, even though they can swim. A life jacket will help acclimate them to the water. They will have to use a life jacket for some time before they can fully support themselves.

Remember, your Borzoi may not be comfortable wearing the jacket at first. To help him get used to the life jacket, have him wear the jacket in the house for some time.

Typically, life jackets are pretty affordable. They also come in a wide variety of colors and sizes, so you can choose what suits your preference best. Here is the life jacket we recommend:

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  1. Treats

While Borzois are typically calm and intelligent dogs, they sometimes get stubborn and may require extra motivation to participate in the training. Sometimes, they are fiercely independent and may not obey your instructions.

In that case, this is the perfect time to employ some dog treats! You can use treats to coax your dog to get into the water. You can also use treats to reward your dog when he actually gets into the water and attempts to swim.

Your Borzoi may refuse to get into the water completely. To deal with this, you can get into the water and use some of his favorite treats and snacks to encourage him to follow you.  

Treats are also great rewards. Training your Borzoi how to swim is a labor of love. Both you and your dog will need to work hard at it. You can reward your dog with treats for a job well done. For instance, if your Borzoi gets into the water willingly without hesitation, you can reward him for his effort.

Be careful not to let your dog get used to the treats. Help them understand that the treats are rewards for effort and good behavior. It would help if you also used the treats in moderation. Here are some treats we know dogs love.

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  1. Leash

A leash is important, especially during the first few days of training. Remember, Borzois were bred to be hunters and give chase to other animals. The chances of them taking off when off-leash are high.

Be careful when using the leash. It needs to be loosely fastened around your dog’s neck. You need to be extra cautious when training with a leash so that it doesn’t get tangled and choke the dog. Here is a leash we highly recommend.

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  1. Toys

All dogs love their toys, and Borzois are no exception. To make the training easier and less stressful for your dog, include familiar items such as toys in the routine. Borzois are high-energy and very playful, so it’s best if you include their toys in their swim training.

Additionally, toys help your dog relax and be comfortable in the water. You can also use these toys as treats. Rubber toys are the most suitable since they won’t get wet and soak up water. Remember to use toys that are the proper size for your dog to avoid accidents. Small toys or those with sharp edges are hazardous both to you and your dog.

Teaching Your Borzoi To Swim

Borzois are intelligent dogs that typically do well with instructions. These two characteristics make it a bit easier to train them how to swim. Nonetheless, you have to be patient with them. There are several tips you need to follow to teach your Borzoi how to swim effectively.

Before I get to the tips, there are a few things to remember. First, start with a small body of water (think small kitty pool, bathtub, etc). Large water bodies may scare your dog. A great starting point is your home bathtub, you can let your dog play in the tub for a few minutes daily to get familiar with the water.

You can then graduate to a larger body of water, such as an outdoor kitty pool or small swimming pool. Introducing your Borzoi to larger bodies of water needs to be a gradual process. If you rush it, your dog may altogether refuse to swim.

Remember, the earlier you start the training, the better the chances of your dog learning and loving swimming.

Here are a few tips to help you effectively teach your dog how to swim.

  1. Distractions are your enemy

A lot of noisy activities going on around the pool may distract your dog. Additionally, ensure that the area you choose to train is free from other small animals as your Borzoi will likely abandon swim practice to chase these animals. A quiet enclosed area is most suitable.

  1. Never throw your dog in the water

It would be best if you were patient with your dog. If it is hesitant to get into the water, avoid throwing it in. Your Borzoi needs to create a positive association with the water first. He needs to understand that water is a good thing and won’t harm him.

You can walk your dog around the pool and let him get his paws wet to start. Throwing your dog into the pool only frightens him.

  1. Always put your dog on a leash

This is very important, especially during the first few swim lessons. A leash will ensure that your dog stays out of trouble. Moreover, with a leash on, your Borzoi won’t swim too far away from you.

Let your dog stay with the leash until he is able to swim unsupported and can always return to you when called.

  1. Start slow and be patient

Teaching your Borzoi how to swim requires patience. You also need to start slow and make progress little by little every day.

To illustrate further, start your training session in a shallow area where you can easily walk beside your dog. Ensure your dog is always wearing a life jacket, even when swimming in shallow waters.

 You can practice walking in the shallow water for a few minutes as your dog gets more accustomed to the feel of the water. You may be surprised to see your Borzoi swimming effortlessly after this session, even with no real instruction. Sometimes, all they require is a little nudge into the water.

You can then gradually move to the deeper areas. Pay close attention to how your dog responds to this change. If he shows signs of distress, it’s best if you leave the pool and try again later.

For extra support, you can use your arms to help your dog paddle while in water. This will also teach your Borzoi how to paddle on his own. Make sure that your dog is comfortable and relaxed at all times. If your dog shows any sign of fright, leave the pool immediately.

A Borzoi may not be a water-loving dog. However, with adequate training and proper care, they usually take to the water quickly.

People Also Ask:

Do Borzoi need a lot of exercise?

Borzois are very active dogs and require a lot of exercise and activity. They are large dogs that were bred to be hunters. Because of that, they are fast runners and have incredible endurance. Long walks or playing chase with toys are ideal forms of exercise for Borzoi.

Do Borzois Smell?

Generally, Borzoi do not smell. While all dogs are capable of smelling bad if not cared for properly, most hounds naturally have a stronger odor than a Borzoi.

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