Can Salukis Be Left Alone?

Sometimes, circumstances require you to leave your dog alone for extended periods. It may be hard at first, but both you and your dog can get used to it. The breed of dog you have will determine how well it does on its own. If you have a Saluki, you may be wondering how long you can leave it alone.

Salukis do not to well being left alone for extended periods of time. This could lead to anxiety issues. He may become sad and bored and even develop funny behaviors such as chewing your furniture. Saluki’s do best when they spend extended periods of time with their owners. 

If you are a busy person, then a Saluki may not be ideal for you. This dog requires a lot of attention. Saluki pups are worse since they need round-the-clock care. Furthermore, naturally, dogs are pack animals and rarely do well when isolated.

Saluki gets bored quickly, so leaving them for extended periods may be a bad idea. These dogs, although stubborn and independent, are also sensitive and require constant attention.

If you wish to know more about Salukis and their nature, then stick around. I will also talk about how to help your dog deal with separation anxiety issues.

How Long Can A Saluki Be Left Alone?

Even though you would wish to stay and spend more time with your dog, sometimes, this may not be possible. Salukis are sensitive at heart and don’t appreciate being left alone.

 These dogs love the company of both humans and other animals. Most of the time, you will find them lounging with other pets in the house.

Salukis are playful dogs and appreciate your company, especially if you can play with them. These dogs like lounging and lazing around, but they also love playing and being taken out for walks and runs.

 If your Saluki is young, he may require more attention. Additionally, an older Saluki may need more attention because of health problems and other old age needs.

A Saluki is not a dog for busy people. If you decide to keep a Saluki, then you need to understand the kind of commitment you are making. For your Saluki to live a happy and healthy life with you, you need to give it an excellent environment to thrive. This includes spending adequate time with him.

If you have engagements that will require you to stay away from your dog for more extended periods, arrange for a sitter to take care of your dog. This is one way to ensure your dog is safe and all his needs are met. You can also take him to a dog daycare center which is better than leaving him at home alone.

Before leaving your dog, consider the following:

  1. The health status of your dog

A healthy dog will give you the freedom to leave for as long as you reasonably can. However, if our Saluki is sick and requires extra attention, you may have to reschedule your plans. Alternatively, you can arrange for a sitter but make sure you communicate all your dog’s needs to the sitter.

This way, you ensure that your dog has company and someone to take care of them in case of an emergency.

  1. Age of your dog

Pups and younger Salukis should never be left alone. On the other hand, older Salukis also require specialized treatment and should never be left alone. If you need to go, then arrange for a sitter.

Saluki puppies, especially those that just came from the breeder, are not trained and will be running all over the place. Moreover, these puppies need a mother figure to care for them and provide for their needs, including emotional support.

Also, these puppies run around and are prone to accidents. To reduce the risk of accidents, ensure that someone is watching over them.

You may leave your older Saluki for some time, provided you don’t stay for more than 6 to 8hours. You will probably come home to find your Saluki still lazily lying on your couch.

Your Saluki and separation anxiety

Dogs also suffer from stress and separation anxiety. Your dog becomes stressed out whenever you leave, particularly if he is used to having you around. If you have a Saluki, it’s best to understand his emotional needs and how to deal with them.

Separation anxiety exhibits itself differently in different dogs. You may not notice your once calm Saluki becomes destructive and disruptive when left alone.

He may also develop funny behaviors such as defecating and urinating all over the house, barking and howling loudly, digging or chewing on furniture. Don’t be quick to dismiss these behaviors as poor house manners. They could be signs of separation anxiety and stress.

Your dog may also start to drool or scratch the floor when you are preparing to leave. These could be signs that your dog has separation anxiety. Your Saluki may also get agitated when you prepare to leave; sometimes, they may wait by the door with sad faces.

Other symptoms of separation anxiety include:

  • Pacing
  • Coprophagia. This is when your dog eats its excrement.
  • Escaping. Your dog may try to run and follow you.

He may even try to prevent you from leaving. Be on the lookout for such signs. The best course of action would be to help your dog deal with your absence in a healthier manner.

 You can teach your dog to tolerate being left alone and even enjoy some time alone. That said, there could be underlying reasons why your dog suddenly develops separation anxiety.

Why Does Your Saluki Develop Separation Anxiety?

The number one trigger/cause for separation anxiety in dogs is the loss of a loved one. This may make your dog go on a high alert about the people in his life. That is why whenever you leave, the dog thinks that you might not be coming back. Here are a few other reasons why you Saluki may develop separation anxiety.

  1. Change of family

A Saluki may develop separation anxiety if he is handed over to a shelter or a new guardian. If you just acquired or adopted your Saluki, it is normal for him to have separation anxiety.

  1. Change in residence

Moving into a new place may harm your dog. Before your Saluki gets used to the new home, he might not like the idea of being left alone in a strange house.

  1. A change in your routine

A sudden change in your schedule may trigger separation anxiety in your dog. Your dog may be used to having you follow a particular routine and even adopt it as well.

 For instance, if you have been working from home and spending more time with your dog, then you suddenly leave your Saluki and start going to the office, he may develop separation anxiety.

These are a few triggers of separation anxiety. However, you have to rule out any medical concerns that may present in the form of the above-stated issues. Additionally, you have to ensure that your dog is properly house trained to not confuse some behaviors with separation anxiety.

What To Do If Your Saluki Has Separation Anxiety

Helping your dog deal with separation anxiety involves a lot of things. The most important aspect is that you need to be there to assure and reassure your Saluki constantly.

You can also consider medical treatment if the case is severe. Counterconditioning may help your Saluki recover. 

This process entails changing your dog’s anxious and aggressive reactions into relaxed and pleasant ones. The association is what carries this out.

 To illustrate, the presence of a disliked or feared person, object, toy, or place is associated with something that the dog loves.

Do this repeatedly until your dog learns that whatever he dislikes or fears actually leads to a good thing. When dealing with separation anxiety, your Saluki will learn to associate being left alone with pleasant activities such as playing with toys, eating snacks, and even lounging.

You can do this by giving your dog his favorite toys or snacks every time you prepare to leave the house. This way, your dog associates snack time or playtime with your leaving.

What To Do If You Have To Leave Your Saluki Home For More Than A Few Hours

If you really have to leave your pet alone for extended periods, you have to make prior arrangements. You can have a friend or a neighbor come in to check up on your dog. Depending on how long you will be gone, you can even hire a sitter.

Whenever possible, you can rush back home and check on your Saluki. Nonetheless, this may not be a good idea as your dog will want to spend more time than you have available. It’s best if you hire a sitter to take care of your dog while you are away.

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