How Fast Can An Afghan Hound Run?

The benefits of exercises cannot be understated, and your dog needs to exercise daily. Long runs and walks will do your Afghan Hound a lot of good. Afghan hounds were initially bred to be hunting dogs, so running is a good sport for them. You must be wondering how fast Afghan Hounds can run.

Afghan Hounds can run at an average speed of 40 miles per hour, making them one of the fastest dogs in the world. That speed can be likened to that of a purebred racehorse. Their bodies are muscular and athletic, and this enables them to run faster. 

Afghan Hounds were originally used for hunting game. Although they are more house dogs nowadays than hunting dogs, they still like to chase down small animals.

If you wish to know more about Afghan Hounds and running, then read on.

Afghan Hounds and Running

As earlier established, these hounds like running and are fast at it. Afghan hounds, despite their cute reserved looks, are very playful and love the outdoors. These dogs love to chase on their prey and other small animals. They are independent and curious.

They have strong, muscular, and streamlined bodies ideal for running. They can be a great companion for your morning jogs and runs. These dogs are very active and athletic. For this reason, you need to provide them with high-quality food to meet their dietary needs.

Their speed may be accredited to their height since they stand between 25 to 27 inches. They also weigh between 50 to 60 pounds, an ideal weight for running.

A good thing about this breed is that it needs a lot of exercise. Their high energy levels need an outlet, and running can be an excellent way to do this. 

In fact, Afghan hounds can run for prolonged periods each time. If you have a yard in your home, you may notice your dog doing laps around the yard.

It is advisable to have enough space if you plan to keep an Afghan Hound. They need a sizeable outer area where they can run and play.

How Long Can An Afghan Hound Run Or Exercise At One Time?

Afghan hounds are active dogs with high energy and need to exercise frequently. Although they look pretty and have a sophisticated aura around them, they are very playful.

These hounds need a lot of exercise to keep up with their high-energy personalities. Luckily, they love running, so running can be the best form of exercise for them. If you cannot offer any other form of exercise to your Hound, then running or jogging on a daily best should do.

Daily exercise is essential for your Hound to stay healthy and energetic. These dogs can run for extended periods of time. This characteristic is clear from their hunting days, where they could run for long periods chasing after prey.

Your dog is capable of remaining active for a whole day. They also love leaping over objects, sprinting, and jumping. For you to keep up with your Afghan Hound, you need to be fit as well.

These dogs have high stamina and do well in long walks and hikes. Their bodies are lean and have strong muscles. 

They also don’t get tired quickly. It’s no trouble exercising your Hound since all you need to do is take their leashes off and set them free to run around. Do this often, and your dog will thank you for that.

Afghan Hounds and Exercising

All dogs need to exercise. To maintain their lean, athletic bodies, you need to exercise your Afghan Hound daily. Failure to do so will make your dog unhealthy, tired, and risk being overweight.

Overweight dogs are at risk of developing conditions such as hip dysplasia, urinary bladder stones, and diabetes.  

Before you take your dog out for an exercise session, ensure that he is healthy and fit to exercise. Be on the lookout for conditions such as hip dysplasia which is common in Afghan Hounds.

This is a condition that affects many Afghan hounds. It affects their hip joints and sometimes leads to arthritis. Your dog will not be able to jog or walk properly if he has this condition. Symptoms of this condition include:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Lameness in the back legs
  • Your dog may also have trouble getting up
  • Limping and leaning on one side

If you notice any of these signs, be sure to take your dog to the vet for evaluation and treatment. It is good that this condition is corrected as early as possible to reduce unwanted pain and suffering.

Exercising your Afghan Hound doesn’t need to be a labor of love. There are different exercise activities you can do without exhausting yourself in the process. Here are a few suggestions of exercises to help keep your Afghan string and healthy.

Furthermore, Afghan hounds are known to suffer from different musculoskeletal problems. For example, they can suffer from painful bone inflammation, which may affect one or both legs. It would help if you were on the lookout for any signs of discomfort in your dog before you take him out for exercising.

Here are a few forms of exercise for your dog.

  1. Running and walking

As earlier stated, Afghan hounds love running, so this should be a straightforward exercise to do. A short sprint can be beneficial for them, but you can also take them for long walks and hikes. This is also a great way to exercise yourself.

Running and walking are excellent ways to ensure that your dog gets his daily exercise in. Nonetheless, before you take your dog for a jog, ensure that he is in good condition to run. Ensure your dog is well-fed, well-watered, and in high spirits. Please don’t take your dog out for a run when he is sick. A short walk will suffice.

  1. Playing fetch

Afghan hounds are playful dogs, and a good game of fetch will make their days. This game is also a good form of exercise since your dog will be running around most of the time. Nevertheless, you need to ensure that you play in a safe environment. It is best if you play in a dog park or your backyard.

Playing fetch may be tricky at first. It would be best to teach your dog to come back to you every time you play this game. Also, play in an open area with minimal human traffic to avoid your dog bumping into people.

  1. Find the treat game

You can play this game indoors. Still, it is an excellent way to keep your Hound occupied and active. Note that treats may increase your dog’s energy levels, so it is best if you swap them with toys.

  1. Tug of war

This is another way to exercise your dog through play. You can purchase a toy rope that’s smooth and strong at the same time. The rope needs to be smooth or with soft ridges so that your dog doesn’t hurt himself while gripping the toy in their mouth between their teeth.

Benefits Of Exercising Your Afghan Hound

Exercise is essential for the wellbeing of your Afghan Hound. Here are reasons why exercise is important.

  1. Keeps obesity at bay

Your Afghan Hound needs regular exercise to keep obesity at bay. Obesity is a common condition in dogs that lack activity. A healthy weight is essential to reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and even hip dysplasia.

  1. Keeps the joints healthy and active

As mentioned earlier, hip dysplasia is a common menace among Afghan Hounds. Exercise is an excellent way to keep the joints healthy and in shape. Healthy joints enhance the overall quality of life of your dog. He will be able to move around, play and run without pain or discomfort.

  1. Keeps your dog mental health in check

Did you know that dogs also suffer from stress? Exercise is a good way for your Afghan Hound to remain active, happy, and healthy. A healthy dog is a happy dog. 

Exercise keeps your dog happy, thereby reducing the chances of stress and depression. When you exercise with your dog, you enhance the bond between the two of you. 

Exercise serves to lighten your dog’s mood. A hike, for instance, gives your dog a chance to be one with nature, away from the typical indoor environment.

  1. Exercise keeps behavioral problems at bay

Exercise is an excellent way to kill boredom. Your Afghan Hound also gets bored when it is ideal. An ideal dog can get frustrated and withdrawn. He may also develop negative habits such as barking aimlessly and chewing on furniture. Your dog may even become aggressive.

Afghan Hounds are great as pets. However, for you to enjoy having one, you must be able to take care of its overall wellbeing. You need to provide a conducive environment for your dog to thrive and be happy.

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