How Much Does A Saluki Cost?

saluki dog running outside.

The Saluki is one of the oldest known domesticated dog breeds. They are also referred to as the Gazelle Hound or the Persian Greyhound. A Saluki is slender and tall, yet extremely strong and well-balanced. Salukis are sighthounds, and part of the hound family. If you are hoping to add a Saluki to your household, you might be wondering how much a Saluki puppy would cost.

The average price of a Saluki puppy will range between $2,000 and $2,500. Purebred Salukis are sold at higher prices than a mixed-breed pup. Prices may also vary depending on where you get them. Buying from a licensed breeder will usually cost slightly more than from an unlicensed breeder.

In the past, Salukis were mainly used for hunting, but today a Saluki is unmistakably a one-family dog and is typically shy towards outsiders.

How Much Does A Saluki Cost?

The cost of a Saluki will depend on which type of you are getting. There is the Saluki which is mainly raised as a pet and has a limited pedigree. They are often of common lineage and the Saluki with breeding rights.

Mixed breed Salukis are commonly bought as pets, while purebred Salukis are mainly for breeding and participation in dog shows. The price of a Saluki with no breeding rights may range from $2000- $2500, and these prices may be higher depending on the breeder.

Salukis that are fully registered are allowed to breed. As a result, they are significantly more expensive than pet-only Salukis. Their costs, however, vary widely depending on quality, pedigree, and breeder. Prices range from $3500- $10,000. Such dogs often have a great pedigree and physique as they are raised primarily for breeding or participation in dog exhibitions.

How Much Does A Mixed Breed Saluki Cost?

A mixed-breed Saluki is less expensive than a purebred. Its price may start from $2,000, ranging to $2,500. These prices differ depending on where you buy your dog from and its documentation. The mixed breed is not an official breed of dogs. Thus, their lower costs.

These dogs are mostly bought as pets. They are highly adaptive dogs and more disease-resistant.

How Much Does A Purebred Saluki Cost?

A purebred Saluki will generally cost between $3,500 to $10,000 dollars. This is significantly more than a mixed breed as it is an official dog breed recognized by dog societies and its price range from $3,500 to $10,000. The prices may differ due to some reasons, such as its pedigree or bloodline.

A Saluki with a renowned bloodline or heritage and an excellent pedigree will cost more. One that might have come from parents that won in AKC Championship will cost more. A purebred Saluki with all correct documentation will also be pricey. Documentation may include its birth details, its lineage and bloodline and its health report.

What Determines The Cost Of A Saluki?

Regardless of the type of Saluki, you will buy, whether a purebred or a mixed breed, several aspects influence their prices. As seen above, the cost can vary greatly.

 Many factors determine the cost of a Saluki, but some of the most important may include:

  1. Health

Anyone buying a puppy will want a healthy one. We always ask questions to make sure that we get the right puppy. A sick puppy costs way less as you are going to spend more on its health. It is feasible for unhealthy purebred parents to produce a sick puppy now and then, and each of these “flaws” will reduce the price. However, these problems are less prevalent in healthy purebred Saluki parents.

  1. Breeder

Buying from a licensed breeder and one that is thought to be renowned will cost higher than an unlicensed breeder. Most licensed breeders invest heavily in their dogs to produce puppies with the best lineage and proven trustworthiness.

  1. Documentation

When buying a Saluki, getting the correct papers helps reassure you that you are buying, either a purebred or mixed breed. Proper documentation also shows their lineage and bloodline. It shows a puppy’s health record guaranteeing the owner of acquiring a good dog.

A Saluki with the extensive and proper documentation will cost more than one that has none.

  1. The breed

A purebred Saluki is much more costly than a mixed breed Saluki. Purebred Salukis are mainly bought for breeding purposes, unlike mixed breeds, which are usually purchased as pets. For the purebred, their breeding rights is one factor that drives up the price.

  1. The appearance

A pricey Saluki needs to look healthy, active, and fit. The size of the dog also matters as larger Salukis will may fetch higher prices.

The appearance of its coat matters too. Salukis have two different types of coats, feathered and smooth coats. A well feathered Saluki will cost more, just like one whose coat is smooth. If the coat has a rough texture, the Saluki may not sell for as much.

How Much Should I Spend On A Saluki?

You might be wondering how to determine a fair price when purchasing a Saluki. The cost of a Saluki will differ depending on your preferences. Many people might concur that getting a Saluki for $10,000 is way too much (I agree!), but some wouldn’t be phased by that price tag.

A purebred Saluki will cost between $3,500 to $10,000, while a mixed breed may be between $2,000 and $2,500.

If you want a Saluki for a pet, then go for a mixed breed and prepare your budget accordingly. Most mixed breeds come with no breeding rights whatsoever. Getting one for breeding necessitates a purebred Saluki, and it will cost more. Price ranges from $3,500 to $10,000.

Choosing A Saluki For Your Family

These dogs are highly adaptive and can live and work in any environment. A Saluki is relatively calm indoors, preferring a comfortable, warm area. Outside, it sprints in large circles at incredible speeds, chasing any little running creatures or fast-moving objects (think tennis ball or other dog toy).

This dog is one of the fastest dogs and certainly one of the most elegant of all hounds. It has a calm demeanor and is a very loving breed that just wants to be near its humans. Salukis are wary of strangers and need early socialization to develop confidence. Their high energy levels require that Salukis exercise a lot, and usually do best in areas where they have plenty of space to run.

People Also Ask:

Are Salukis good pets?

Salukis make excellent pets. Their loving demeanor and playfulness makes them ideal family pets as well as companions for individuals. Salukis are generally quiet dogs that get along with other dogs as well.

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