Are Irish Wolfhounds Good Guard Dogs?

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds have a remarkable history of being both hunters and war companions. They used to chase wolves and deer as well as tug men down from chariots and horses. They are the tallest of the hound breeds and the biggest of the sighthounds possessing a powerful and intimidating physique, but do they make good guard dogs? 

Generally, Irish Wolfhounds do not make good guard dogs. Although Irish Wolfhounds are intimidating and have the size that can scare off potential intruders, they are fairly docile. They are known to be less protective, non-aggressive, and rarely bark an alarm. This breed generally possesses a sociable character, which makes it a better companion than a guard dog.

The American Kennel Club started acknowledging Irish Wolfhounds way back in 1897, though they have been around since 273 B.C. As you probably guessed, they are initially from Ireland with the famous name Gentle Giants. They may not make the best guard dogs, but you can train them to do some tasks required to guard or protect your house and possessions. All you need is a good amount of time, patience, and persistence.

Are Irish Wolfhounds Good Guard Dogs? 

Who would have thought that behind that muscular build and courageous personality is a sweet-tempered soul? Irish Wolfhounds are not made to be guard dogs as they tend to be approachable even to people they are not familiar with. Sure, they can be aggressive but usually only towards other dogs, and some may chase smaller animals, such as cats. 

It is true that they are attentive, watchful, brave, and intimidating, which are crucial qualities a guard dog should possess. However, they are rarely aggressive towards people.

In particular, Irish Wolfhounds are intelligent, loving, and gentle, which is why they make an excellent family dog rather than a guard or watchdog. They are gentle towards children, though proper guidance is necessary for smaller children given the pet’s enormous size and strength.

Another crucial reason you cannot keep this giant pooch as a guard dog is that they don’t usually bark much. They are more likely to welcome newcomers with sweet-smiling eyes and a wagging tail than a threatening bark. But we should give credit to its massive size because occasionally it may prevent people from coming on to your property, or at least to those who are not well-acquainted with this canine. 

Are Irish Wolfhounds Protective? 

Irish Wolfhounds can and will protect their family, but their calm and gentle nature prevents them from being good guard dogs.

Despite their gentle nature, Irish Wolfhounds will still be protective of their family. But when protecting you or your property against other animals. Remember, they were bred to hunt deer, boars, elk, and wolves, and up until now, they still adopt this predisposition. They’ll be more inclined to chase anything that moves, especially if it involves animals of a tinier or even bigger size. 

However, not all Irish Wolfhounds are the same. Some may be very friendly and easy to cuddle, while others might be more cautious and quite suspicious of strangers. But one thing’s for sure; these are loyal dogs that are willing to bring their A-game to the table if they need to protect their family. 

Can Irish Wolfhounds Guard Your House and Protect Livestock? 

It appears that Irish Wolfhounds are only protective of their owners rather than the house or the family’s possessions. They are not eager to protect spaces. Hence, the expression “gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked.” 

This pet can get bored rapidly and have a habit of chewing up whatever he finds. So, it is best not to leave him alone for long hours if you don’t want to see your valuable things entirely destroyed. He might also become territorial of an object or toy he really likes. He probably won’t appreciate it if someone touches or carries that item away. 

Owing to the dog’s chasing ability, it is swift and resilient. It can still be able to kill large animals if the need arises. But these days, you will mainly find them as a family pet. 

How about protecting livestock?

Creatures such as rabbits and cats are what trigger their aggressive behavior. So, yes, they can also protect animals as long as they are acquainted with each other. But if you currently own an Irish Wolfhound, we suggest not attempting to raise livestock as possible because the dog may only chase them, which can eventually cause further issues. Otherwise, you would need to install a fence to prevent the dog from running after them. 

You should definitely train your Irish Wolfhound if you intend to keep it nearby other animals. It is a quick learner, which makes the training less hassle on your part. You can start by making the dog comfortable with other creatures. You can then teach it how to guard chickens, cattle, ducks, pigs, and other livestock animals you have. 

Can You Train Irish Wolfhounds to Be A Good Guard Dog? 

It is possible to train an Irish Wolfhound to be a guard dog, though some experts recommend exercising extreme caution and limitations on training when doing so. That’s because with their enormous size and strength you could be potentially dangerous. 

Teach him simple tasks first that a guard dog usually does. It might be a specific behavior when someone approaches the house or a suitable act to protect other animals. Do each step gradually, and remember that Irish Wolfhounds are sensitive both mentally and physically. They don’t like being yelled at and you should only implement positive reinforcement, also stick with basic commands.

Advanced training is ideal, though not mandatory. In this stage, you can teach him advanced obedience and tracking, among other things which you think would useful in protecting your family or your home. 

If you have other pets, give your Irish Wolfhound some time to hang out with them. Early socialization is crucial as it helps him develop self-confidence to protect his family. He can also learn techniques and skills from other pets that he may need to guard your household against potential intruders. 

In general, Irish Wolfhounds do not make a good guard dog due to their calm and gentle nature. Although they can be protective of their owners and livestock animals if trained appropriately. You can opt for other breeds, such as German Shepherd or Akita if you’re looking for a dog that can protect your family and household. Otherwise, Irish Wolfhounds make great family companions. They are friendly to children too, so your kiddo would surely love having it at home!

People Also Ask:

Do Irish Wolfhounds like to cuddle?

Irish Wolfhounds do like to cuddle. These gentle dogs love being close to their companions and will take every opportunity to be as close to you as possible.

Do Irish Wolfhounds bark a lot?

 Typically, Irish Wolfhounds do not bark a lot. While all dogs are different, this breed has not earned the reputation of a big barker. Irish Wolfhounds are large gentle dogs who are generally docile.

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