How Do I Make A Hound Dog Smell Better?

Hound in the bath with a towel on it's head.

Dogs are one of the best companions to have at home, as they are loyal friends that are not only loving but also cute. However, like many dog breeds, Hounds have a reputation of not smelling that great, which leads many to ask how they can make their hound buddy smell a little better.

To improve the smell of your Hound, regular bathing and inspection of their ears and other crevices is important. It’s important to check and make sure there are no infections or buildup of yeast. Bathing your dog regularly and feeding it a balanced diet will also help you tackle any bad smells they may have.

To ensure you keep your hound from stinking, you first need to understand what makes them smell that bad. Understanding that will give you insights into why they smell that way and ensure that you remedy the smell effectively.

Many Hounds have very thick fur that provides them with warmth along with a lot of extra or loose skin on their body. They also have characteristic long ears and are so susceptible to infections. All of this can contribute significantly to your Hound’s smell. That said, let’s take a look at some of the reasons that could be making your dog smelly and how best to get rid of this smell.

Why Do Hounds Smell?

We’ve all had the experience of walking into someone’s home and immediately smelling their stink dog, and you don’t want to be that person. Before we can get rid of the dog smell, we need to ask ourselves, why do they smell bad in the first place?

Hounds have unique characteristics that may be the reason why they tend to be smelly. They have long ears, a lot of loose skin and furs, and a heavy coat that traps the oil from their skin. On top of that, other grime (or whatever they decide to roll in)  may get stuck on the skin in between the folds as well. 

Also those adorable long floppy ears can also be magnets for infections. That may sometimes be the reason why your dog smells. Usually, dog ears look clean when you inspect them. However, the smelly ear is a common problem most pet owners experience with their pets.

 Inflammation in the inner ears often leads to irritation and can cause a significant alteration of the dogs’ ears’ smell. You may start smelling some awful smell that has been described as morning breath, garbage, or some other pungent smell.

An ear infection can occur because of many different reasons, but the most common cause is a bacterial infection or yeast infection.

To get rid of the horrible smell caused by an ear infection, you will have to treat your dog’s ears. Please take your Hound to a veterinarian to get it properly examined. This will ensure you eliminate the ear infection and prevent you from harming the dog since you are not a dog expert.

What To Do If Your Hound Smells

Although pets are great, smelly pets are not so fun to be around. Let’s look at what we can to to help get rid of that nasty smell and have a happy, healthy pet at home.

We can get rid of the odor and keep our hounds fresh by observing good pet hygiene. This is no different than you or I. Imagine if you stopped taking care of yourself, stopped bathing, stopped brushing your teeth and so on. It wouldn’t be long until you started smelling pretty bad. Hounds are no different, keep checking your dog’s teeth, ears and skin to ensure there is no infection present. Also, be sure to bathe them regularly and put them on a nutritious diet.

A good diet will help your Hound maintain a good body smell. Many Hound owners have reported that the type of food they feed their dog often affects how the dogs smell. While we know dog food can be expensive it’s important for your dogs health you feed them food with quality ingredients. Here’s what I feed my dogs:

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Maintaining a regular bathing schedule for your Hound will also help get rid of foul smells. Hounds have a thick coat of furs and long ears that harbor many bacteria and moisture and other kinds of dirt. When left unremoved, the dirt builds up and can smell terrible.

A regular bath for your dog will help get rid of the dirt and oil under their fur and remove the bad smell. Bathing your dog will also kill any bacteria, fungi, or yeast on their skin and in the ears that would have caused your dog to become smelly.

When cleaning their ears, be gentle. Their ear skin is delicate, and that might end up hurting them.

Hounds are pretty susceptible to infections. It is, therefore, recommended that you regularly check them for infections they might have picked before they start smelling bad. Checking your Hound regularly will also help you identify anything they may have rolled in that is causing that horrible odor.

 Additionally, inspecting their mouth will also help you identify infections early since the corners of their mouth have extra skin that can harbor bacteria and lead to oral infections. Brushing your dog’s teeth will also help in getting rid of the bad smell. 

You don’t need to use a toothbrush and toothpaste as we humans do. Instead, give your dog crunchy and chewy foods or toys to help clean their teeth. The chewy foods will scrape off plagues from their teeth and thus prevent a bad smell. Also, they make treats that are specifically designed to help with dental hygiene. Here’s what I give my dog:

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Finally, be sure to wash their bedding regularly and ensure their sleeping place is clean and free from any foul smells.

Products to Help Them Not Smell

To keep your dog smelling fresh and lovely all the time, you should use quality products to ensure your dog’s health.

Antibacterial products that are dog friendly will help you fight the bad smell. There are commercial deodorants for dogs that will help you keep your dog smelling well. These include a pet deodorant spray, bristle brush, ear treatment, and the deodorizing shampoo and conditioner for your Hound.

Here are some of our favorite products to keep our hounds fresh and clean!

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There are commercial deodorants that are manufactured specifically to be used on dogs. You can use this type of dog wash on your Hound to help them maintain a good smell all the time. Also, there are shampoos manufactured with a specific pH level that is designed to protect your dog’s skin.

People Also Ask:

Why does my hound dog stink?

Hound dogs smell because of their many skin folds and large ears. All of this extra skin provides an opportunity for yeast and bacteria to build up in the skin folds and create a bad odor. Regularly checking and bathing your hound can help prevent bad smells.

Do hound dogs smell?

If not properly cared for, hound dogs can smell bad. However, if you regularly bathe your hound, feed it a healthy diet and check their ears and skin folds for the presence of bacteria and yeast your hound should not smell.

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