How Much Do Bloodhounds Sleep?

Bloodhound sleeping on the floor.

Bloodhounds are one of the most popular breeds in the entire hound family. They are very sociable dogs that were initially bred in Europe to hunt deer and boar. They are known for their incredible sense of smell, which can detect even the most subtle scents.A long wrinkly face mainly characterizes them with loose skin, big drooping ears, and warm, tired eyes that make them look constantly sleepy. But, how much do bloodhounds really sleep?

A healthy bloodhound sleeps approximately 12-14 hours per day. Bloodhounds can willingly sleep all day when there is no activity to keep them occupied. These dogs are generally pretty friendly and like snuggling and mingling with people. Bloodhounds can be relentless when it comes to their work, and they will follow a scent until they get what they are looking for.

While most bloodhounds are content to spend their days lazing, they do require frequent outside exercise. Bloodhounds should never be left to sleep away the day as frequent walks will keep their huge physique healthy for a longer period of time. A bloodhound might not demand as much exercise as other dogs as it will nearly always appreciate the opportunity to use its nose to explore the surroundings during a stroll.

How Energetic Are Bloodhounds?

The bloodhound is actually an energetic dog with a need for exercise. Contrary to popular belief, bloodhounds have great stamina, which enables them to walk long distances.

Bloodhounds enjoy puttering around and following a scent. However, a bloodhound is not a suitable dog for apartment living as they prefer a yard where it can play around. Make sure you get your yard fenced, too, as it can be stubborn and follow a scent, and until it finds what it wants, it is hard for it to stop. It can easily escape when kept in open areas.

These dogs are generally good-natured and social with people and other animals, but some can be aggressive, especially if they get a lock on a scent or interact with same-sex dogs. They may look threatening, but bloodhounds have a temperament unique to their facial expression, and are generally gentle and kind dogs.

Do Bloodhounds Sleep When Their Owners Sleep?

Generally, bloodhounds will sleep when you sleep, and adapt to your schedule. Typically, bloodhounds and most other hounds just want to be near their owners.

A dog is a man’s best friend, companion, and source of love and loyalty. Bloodhounds like to socialize. If nurtured well in a loving household, they are among the friendliest dogs. They are great family pets with the characteristics of being affectionate and having a lovable personality.

Bloodhounds are not naturally a watchdog and so will sleep when their owner sleeps unless they have their attention fixed on finding a scent they may have picked up.

Why Does My Bloodhound Sleep More Than It Is Used To?

Is your bloodhound sleeping all day and night? Has it become more inactive and lazy? These questions will leave you wondering if it is normal or not. A sudden change in the usual routine of your bloodhound is cause for concern.

Dogs sleep for about 12-14 hours a day. Your dog may be sleeping more than usual for some of the following reasons:

  1. Age

Usually, old dogs and puppies sleep more. A young bloodhound will sleep for up to 15 hours a day as growing takes up much of their energy.

  1. Stress, anxiety, and boredom

A bloodhound that is suffering from stress or boredom would sleep a lot. If it is stressed or anxious, it becomes restless and will doze off.

  1. Level of exercise and activity

If you rarely take your bloodhound for walks or any exercise, they will lazy around and happily sleep all day and more than usual. Lack of an activity to keep them occupied will lead to them sleeping more than usual.

  1. Size of your bloodhound

Bloodhounds are generally big dogs. An adult bloodhound can sleep more than usual than other dog breeds.

Other reasons that your bloodhound may be sleeping more than usual may be due to medical issues. It may be normal for your bloodhound to sleep more than usual because of natural factors. If all the said reasons are addressed but still exhibit unusual sleeping patterns, that should be a reason to see a vet.

Medical conditions may include: 

Illness such as hypothyroidism could make it lazy. Hypothyroidism affects the thyroid gland, which is responsible for metabolism.

Diabetes is another medical condition that will make your bloodhound sleep more than usual. This problem leads to low energy levels in your dog, thus sleeping more than it regularly does.

Your bloodhound may be sleeping more than usual if it is on some form of medication. Some prescriptions may cause lethargy (lack of energy).

Anemia is another condition that will make your bloodhound sleep more. It is the lack of enough blood in their bodies that generally affects their overall wellbeing. 

Other medical conditions that may make your dog sleep more than usual may be viral infections or bacterial infections.

How To Get Your Bloodhound To Relax

Bloodhounds are naturally gentle and quiet, yet they can also be stubborn from time to time. Most bloodhounds, especially young ones, tend to be particularly stubborn. Energy levels vary just like in any other breed. Young bloodhounds are much more energetic than older ones, usually until the age of 2.

Without enough training and exercise, bloodhounds can be a lot to handle. The good news is, you can teach your dog how to be calm.

Bloodhounds require a lot of exercises which helps them to keep fit and happy. Taking it for frequent walks avoids leaving your bloodhound bored, which may make it restless. A bored bloodhound can be destructive.

They may be easy to train but require patience and positive mental stimulation. Make your bloodhound understand simple commands like stop, quiet, or sit. Having treats and showing it his favorite treat proves effective in obedience training of your bloodhound. Appreciating your bloodhound often brings them to recent to relax as they can be sensitive.

Socialize with your bloodhound. Do not leave it alone for long periods. Spend time with it. Patience and being persistence are essential to calming your bloodhound.

Giving room for your bloodhound can bring it to relax. Provide your bloodhound its own quiet space where it can relax without being bothered. Give this space regardless of whether your bloodhound is an indoor or outdoor dog.

To sum up, bloodhounds make good family pets but only to those that can meet their needs. It is a relatively high-maintenance dog. They can be easygoing in a home setting as although they are gentle dogs, they can be super active, and they require lots of exercise.

People Also Ask:

Are bloodhounds lazy?

Bloodhounds are not lazy dogs. While they generally have a calm and gentle demeanor, bloodhounds are very hard working dogs that require a surprising amount of exercise and activity.

How many hours a day does a bloodhound sleep?

Generally, an adult bloodhound will sleep 12-14 hours a day. Older bloodhound and puppies will sleep upwards of 16 hours a day and possibly more depending on age and health.

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